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Omega Speedmaster In more detail Photo EssayIt's Speedy Tuesday! A couple of weeks ago, our watch photographer did a photoshoot which has a number of Omega Speedmaster replica watches. Ranging from vintage to new and such as a few (rare) special Speedies as well.Speedmaster Printing and TypographyIn this photo essay we selected the good Omega Speedmaster pictures and present the crooks to you. Using this photo essay we strive to tell you the details of the Speedmaster designs and wonderful different dials and fashoins that they had above the decades.The Omega Speedmaster Professional Moonwatch wording and logo is printed in white since 1968 as well as typography changed a little bit subsequently. Long 'r', a broad 'S', large 'OMEGA' or maybe a tad bit smaller. a connected 'S' or possibly a detached 'S'. Speedy collectors pay attention to these nitty gritty changes when for the look-out to get a nice vintage piece.Circular GrainWhat concerning the grain in the dials? You can easily get the grain on the very early Speedmaster replica watches and it gets 'finer' as time passes until they're hardly noticeable anymore. This really is something unfortunate as outlined by some collectors. "We want the grain back!", I hear you.Speedmaster CasebacksAs you almost certainly know - although you may don't own an Omega Speedmaster Professional - these replica watches sure enough have the most famous casebacks of most replica watches in existence. The standard Speedmasters hold the inscriptions: "Flight-Qualified By NASA For those Manned Space Missions" and "The First Watch Worn Within the Moon". Something being very proud of, actually (we did a create on the Moon landing and also the Speedmasters which are used here).Below a photograph of the caseback from the Speedmaster Professional Apollo XIII special edition of 1995 (which we covered here) containing extra engraving regarding the Apollo 13 mission plus the amount of the watch. Generate an income got this watch can be another funny story, its content has a quick 2-day holiday to Ny (click here).Below a far more detailed photo of a Speedmaster caseback from the 1970s. It exposes the Sea-horse emblem owed towards the Seamaster collection. You may know, the Speedmaster was previously category of the Seamaster collection. The Sea-horse emblem which is nicely embossed within the metal caseback is short for a water and dust free watch case. Quite important.Admitted, there are a lot of limited edition Speedmaster Professional replica watches. They may be brought to commemorate personal occasions or event that happened during NASA missions and several of them are there for other reasons (like the Speedmaster Pro Racing, Speedmaster Tin Tin watch etc.). These limited editions have special casebacks. An inscription, such as the Apollo 13 we showed you above or something more 'special' such as the ones below.A 2004 Speedmaster Professional 'Snoopy Award' caseback. A sapphire caseback while using famous Beagle that has a crucial meaning to those working at NASA (just click here).And just what relating to this Speedmaster Professional Gemini IV special? We covered the watch here, but thought it will be nice to execute a detailed picture of the company's caseback likewise.Last of all - regarding casebacks, we now have this Speedmaster Professional Apollo 17 'Eugene Cernan' caseback. The final Man for the Moon, so to speak.Speedmaster DialsI already briefly touched the subject of dials when discussing the typography and circular grains inside the sub dials, but dials After all complete dials. As written above, you'll find a large number of neat Speedmasters in existence. You might want to select a standard reference 3570.50 Speedmaster Professional with a black dial and white printing, or a neat caliber 321 dial with the applied Omega logo from the 1950s or 1960s, however, you could also envisage to go more 'wild' and get a Speedmaster with a mission patch on the dial, racing pattern ora Snoopy!Thoroughly:A Speedmaster Professional 'Snoopy Award' (2004), a Speedmaster Professional 'Apollo XIII' (1995), a Speedmaster Professional 'Racing' (2004), a Speedmaster Professional with applied Omega logo (1967) plus a Speedmaster '125' (1973).The Speedmaster '125' could very well be a bit of an odd fellow here, even so it is a Speedmaster. The primary automatic chronograph chronometer timepiece ever, to commemorate the 125th anniversary from the Omega company. Only 2000 pieces made and making use of a much praised automatic Lemania caliber (1342). Since they will be quite wearable nowadays, we propose you try one prior to neglect it. It is just a massive watch, but amazingly comfortable due to the weight and size. We did a write-up around the Speedy 125 here.Fashion VictimsSometimes it would appear that a watch grows more or less a fashion victim. In some instances, this is sometimes a advantage. People wish to change their outfits and want a matching watch. An easy way to fit watch in your outfit is always to change the bracelet or strap. A popular strap on the Omega Speedmaster (Professional) is either the velcro or maybe the NATO strap. The velcro comes not far from the straps that NASA astronauts used when performing EVA activities and wearing their Speedies on his or her space suits (get more information at some information on velcro straps). The NATO straps are military straps but can be seen in a number of different colors, materials and finishes. Convenient to use and comfortable straps.Below you see the NATO straps. A 10 Euro nylon (right) and also a +250Euro alligator NATO strap (left). The second is completed by ABP in Paris and you may receive a 10% discount in the event you inform them Fratelloreplica watches sent you omega seamaster watch .However, you can also select from an excellent few options through the manufacturer. Below, a trio of 'Broad Arrow' Speedmaster replica watches (which refers to the type of the hands) that has a stainless bracelet, an OEM alligator strap and an OEM calf strap.Domed Hesalite CrystalsIf there's we enjoy about the Speedy, it will be the Hesalite crystal watches . There wasn't a very good choice inside the 1950s , however the plexi Hesalite crystals had a unique feature. It doesn't turn into 1000 pieces if this cracks, it stays put. Something quite very important to NASA astronauts. You dont want to have floating splinters with your space craft.The existing 'standard' Speedmaster Professional really has a similar crystal because they did from the 1960s (click this link). Below, you see why we like to them a great deal. They magnify the gorgeous Speedmaster dials. Also, they may have the little Omega logo etched inside during the crystal.A bit of a problem with these plexi crystals would be the fact they easily scratch. You should use toothpaste or such things as Polywatch to buff out those little scratches. However, you can even possess the crystal replaced during service or in between. They aren't that expensive. There are also Speedmaster Professional replica watches which has a sapphire crystal, which might be being called 'sapphire sandwich' Speedies. I did one so i loved the extra weight of the usb ports, nevertheless the insufficient magnifying the dial was something I must say i didn't desire to miss.The Fratello PackIt is no secret that we love Speedmasters. Heck, we're even organizing a Speedy Tuesday Event within the 29th of October to meet up with you Speedy fans out there also to see their vintage and new collections of Omega. More information is found here.All photos have already been shot your Speedmasters. You heard right. We practice whatever we preach and acquire them ourselves too. In our fast growing selection of replica watches, the Speedmaster line-up is growing rapidly and also this photo here is outdated already. Meaning the blue Omega Seamaster Professional ref omega fake . 2531.80 might make some room for an additional pair Speedmaster.Speedy Tuesday EventAs written above, were organizing a Speedy Tuesday Event with all the support of OMEGA in Switzerland & Benelux and ESA's Space Expo center from the Netherlands. We kindly invite someone to join us on October 29th 2013 within the Space Expo. Click on the banner below for details and registration.Hopefully you enjoyed the show and find out you at the Speedy Tuesday Event within the 29th of October 2013. In the mean time, keep sending us your personal Speedmaster photos, stories etc. We enjoy them and want to add them on Speedy Tuesday!